Story from a fundraiser: Perspective from a doctor in England

At Interpal, we are always grateful for the sincerity and generosity of all our donors.

Wasim Mir is one such supporter, who will be running the Birmingham Half Marathon on Sunday 19th October to raise funds for Gaza. When asked about his motivations for his fundraiser he says:

“The recent offensive in Gaza has only served as a reminder to us all that injustices of the highest order are common place for the people of Gaza.

As a doctor living in the UK I have watched news report after news report and read of harrowing stories in the Al-Shifa hospital, as well as in Gaza City. Overcrowding, understaffing and relentless bombardment have quashed further any chance of living a normal life for the people of Gaza.

The thousands of babies born to mothers who have died on the operating table due to trauma in particular serve as a reminder that we must not waver in our support of the people currently living in Gaza, and those born without parents.

Running a half marathon is the least I can do to help, and I would be grateful if you could help with whatever money you can spare!“

The Interpal Team would like to say a huge thank you to all of our supporters, donors and fundraisers whose sincere desire to help has brought thousands of Palestinian families in desperate need essential aid.

If you are a fundraiser and would like to tell us your story as well, please get in touch.

To support Dr Wasim Mir, please visit or start your own fundraiser here: image

Gaza Emergency Banner

Give Mercy, Earn Mercy

Gaza is in a state of emergency. There has been shocking violence against protestors, leaving thousands injured and over 100 people dead.

This Ramadan, help us ensure the injured receive the medical care they need. 

Nakba - 70 years on

Nakba - 70 years on

The Palestinian refugee crisis is now the longest-running refugee crisis in the world today.

With no end to their suffering in sight, now is the time to take action.