Meet Tamer, a 5 year-old boy from Al-Sukhna refugee camp, Jordan

Meet Tamer, a 5 year-old boy who lives in Al-Sukhna refugee camp, Jordan, with his 5 brothers and sisters and parents. Due to the fact that his father is struggling to find a stable job, the family’s financial situation is dire.


Tamer suffers from umbilical hernia, which is a malformation of the umbilicus. In the past months the hernia has become worst and extended to his abdomen. Because of this, eating is a daily struggle for him. Tamer needs surgery as soon as possible in order to avoid any side effects.

Fortunately, Tamer recently became a beneficiary of Interpal’s sponsorship programme. Thanks to the generosity of his sponsor, Tamer will soon be able to get this surgery, which will greatly improve his quality of life.

You too can change the life of a Palestinian child like Tamer. Call our Sponsorships Department on 0208 961 9993 for more information.

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Give Mercy, Earn Mercy

Gaza is in a state of emergency. There has been shocking violence against protestors, leaving thousands injured and over 100 people dead.

This Ramadan, help us ensure the injured receive the medical care they need. 

Nakba - 70 years on

Nakba - 70 years on

The Palestinian refugee crisis is now the longest-running refugee crisis in the world today.

With no end to their suffering in sight, now is the time to take action.