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Helping restore homes in Gaza


This apartment building in Gaza was about to collapse due to poor construction and years of attacks in the area. The lives of 150 residents living there were at serious risk.

The only solution was to remove the upper floors of the building to reduce the heavy load and risk of collapse.

The families living on the upper floors had two choices: stay and risk their lives, or agree to leave and end up homeless.

Many of the residents wanted to stay. With the cold winter months posing a serious risk to thousands of displaced families in the Gaza Strip, this is not surprising.

Fortunately, our Interpal Gaza Office​ was able to relocate the eight families on the upper floors, and help secure the building for the remaining residents.

It is hard to know what anyone would do in this situation. The truth is that no one should ever be faced with this dilemma.

You can help pay the rent of more displaced families in similar situations by calling 020 8961 9993 or visiting

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