Against the Odds: Gaza’s only female photojournalist


Women in Gaza are disproportionately affected by the
occupation, and the continued attacks against the Strip leave many of them
increasingly vulnerable, isolated and physically insecure. Palestinian women
also have to deal with gender discrimination within their own communities,
creating what is known as their ‘double-burden’.

Eman Mohammed,
27, grew up in Gaza City and suffered from these very obstacles. Her dream,
however, was to work as a photojournalist, and she refused to let her
circumstance prevent her from achieving it. Amazingly, at the age of 19, she
began her photojournalism career, and to this day, remains the only female
photojournalist in Gaza.

Eman’s work
focuses on documenting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including Israeli
attacks that frequently occur in the area.

Her efforts
to fight gender stereotypes and raise awareness of the struggles thousands of
Palestinians face in Gaza have not gone unnoticed.

Her work has
been published in Guardian, Le Monde, The Washington Post, Geo International,
Mother Jones, and CNN. Clients include The National, Vanity Fair, The Observer,
Washington Post and the United Nations. Her work was also recently acquired by
the British museum in London.

Speaking about the struggles that Palestinian women face,
Eman points out that:

“Gaza’s old traditions need to change, and the violations
against women have to stop. That will never happen by ignoring the problems.
Things will only change by talking and raising awareness, along with raising the
new generation”.

Eman is
testament to the strength and resilience that exist among Palestinian women,
who against all odds, continue to bring positive change through determination
and courage.

Take a look
at her work here:

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