Yusuf from Gaza

Yusuf was left injured during attacks on Gaza last year,
causing him to lose his right hand and his ability to provide for his family.
was one of thousands of people injured during the Gaza assault.

Interpal was on the ground during the attacks providing
emergency aid to the injured and displaced. We were also helping thousands of
Palestinians cope with the aftermath of the assault, after the attacks had
ended, and the cameras had turned away.

We were able to help Yusuf and his family recover from the
onslaught with financial assistance and by helping his young children gain some
kind of normality in preparation for the new academic year ahead of them.

And thanks to your donations, we’re still helping them.
During the month of Ramadan, we have provided Yusuf and his family with food
and financial aid to help them get through the Holy Month.

Thank you for your generosity. | 020 8961 9993