These last ten nights.

In Gaza, amidst the dust and rubble, families
will be gathering to break their fast. They still are recovering from the
devastation of last year, mourning their loved ones who are gone forever. With
their homes reduced to broken pebbles on the ground, and their courtyards
filled with the graves of those who have passed, the people of Gaza are broken
hearted. Yet, they will not wait for Ramadan to slip through their hands.

The ruins of the old city have come alive,
with lanterns hung on broken walls and decorations cast across the battered
streets. Destroyed buildings and homes seem to have come alive with light and
colour. In these last few nights of Ramadan, hundreds will be flocking to
Jerusalem seeking peace and tranquillity in the blessed Mosque where the
Prophet (SAW) made his night journey. They will not waste a chance to benefit
from this holy month where our rewards are increased.

In Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock stands
proud in the heart of the city, whilst Al-Aqsa Mosque opens its doors to the
people. In these last ten days of Ramadan, the courtyards are filled with Palestinian
worshippers hoping to catch the Night of Power. Many would have travelled days
just to reach the borders of the city. For others, they did not expect to see
another Ramadan in the mosque.

As the night prayers are read aloud,
tranquillity permeates through the rows of the congregation. The feeling of togetherness
is fortified as they stand shoulder to shoulder. However, beneath the surface
lies the pain and anguish of the last Ramadan, and outside the mosque walls, a
constant reminder of oppression, as security forces stand with rifles at their
sides. They are under close surveillance even within the confines of their own
place of worship. But that will not stop them.

As we approach these last few days of Ramadan
in our respective cities, waiting with patience as the struggles of fasting
intensify, let’s remember the truth with which Allah has promised those who
have suffered in His cause. Allah has promised us that he will never suffer to
perish any one of us that has endured a hardship. Not a single good deed will
be forgotten, not a single action lost. Every tear shed, every cut and bruise,
every pang of hunger and every broken heart is acknowledged. The reward is with
Allah for the hardships that we suffer in trying to reach Him.

The plight of the Palestinians is something
none of us would wish for. Yet they have not forgotten Allah’s promise. And
neither should we. We can only imagine the devastation they have witnessed. Yet
they are arriving in their thousands to Al-Aqsa, ready to stand, and be counted
in their rows.

United are the Palestinians this Ramadan. Let’s
stand with them.

Stand #WithPalestine

Blog written by Sadia

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