A message from our Chairman

trustees, staff and volunteers would like to wish all of our friends and
supporters a very special “Eid Mubarak” and hope that everyone had a blessed
Ramadan. This year, our wonderful donors helped us to raise over £1.4 million during our Ramadan campaign, which is a fantastic return on our
collective efforts. I want to tell you what a difference your support has
already made.
More than 15,000 families have benefited from your generous donations. That’s
tens of thousands of lives which you have brightened with your support. These
families have been given food aid, financial support, fuel or water aid. Simply
put, they’ve been given the help they need to keep the lights on, put food on
the table and drink clean water.
We all know how the children of Palestine have suffered and this Ramadan we
were able to arrange Iftar parties to break the fast on a daily basis and
leisure activities, and provide gifts on Eid. For children who have witnessed
events which nobody should have to see, such activities gave them an important
opportunity to be children again and have some fun.
As we look to the future we’ve taken a literal approach to encouraging growth
by planting 300 olive and fruit trees. These will help to provide sustainable
livelihoods for Palestinians in the occupied territories. Agriculture is often
targeted by Israeli settlers and security forces, and Palestinian farmers need
all the support that we can give.
Although Ramadan has now come to an end, we hope that you will continue to
“Stand with Palestine”. Here at Interpal, we will persevere in helping
Palestinians in need and hope you will continue to back us in every possible
Ibrahim Hewitt

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