My experience at Interpal

My name is Ilham El Ouariachi, I am 22 years old and
from Germany. Being in the second year of my degree in English Studies and
Islamic Science at the University of Cologne I was looking forward for a
challenging traineeship in London.

My choice fell on Interpal, a British charity
providing humanitarian aid and assistance to Palestinians in need. Apart
from the charity’s vision that delighted me from the very beginning, I also
felt confident that the placement would improve and strengthen the acquisition
of my English language skills.

I have always been very passionate about charity work and spent a lot of
time in fundraising for charity performances in our local Masjid al Fath,   such as events in support of refugees from
Syria and Palestine. So, my work experience in the charity sector has always
been invaluable and I knew that this time again, it was going to be amazing.

My time here at Interpal proved that every human
being can give a gift to someone. Sometimes the
smallest thing can achieve the biggest difference. Being part of Interpal is
rewarding, you are surrounded by an ambitious and warm-hearted community, which
you find at any time helpful and very obliging. At Interpal, people are affiliated
with each other due to the dream they share: The dream of changing the world into
a better, more peaceful and solidly united one. In particular they are
connected through their common goal, which is to alleviate the suffering and
disadvantage faced by the Palestinian people. Interpal is a community that
gives much and receives more, namely the laughter and happiness of thousands of
oppressed Palestinians, which is in my opinion the biggest blessing and gift.
The reason behind my determination to intern at Interpal was quite simply the
diversity of activities and people and the fact that you can let you
imagination run wild.

It is the warm glow of doing good that motivates your work and
commitment at Interpal. The knowledge that you’ve helped someone or something
or having the chance of making a difference in the world is highly
rewarding.  I had the opportunity to plan
my own activities and by doing so I could implement my own ideas. I was in
charge of planning and conducting small projects for charity’s sake and thereby
creating hope for Palestinians.

Projects  have been like the
‘balloon campaign’, which involved gathering people together in Hyde Park to
attach messages to balloons with warm wishes and prayers, all devoted to
Palestinians  in need .Further projects
have been  the ‘Crepes and Paradise
apples  sale’, the sale was fantastic and
raised over £130 for Palestinians in need.

Moreover, Interpal brings people together and promotes
personal growth and self-esteem. As a volunteer at Interpal you discover hidden
talents that may change your view on your self-worth and last of all to have
the chance of doing a good deed. However, volunteering at Interpal is not just
about fundraising money, it is a beneficence for your own heart. The reality is that even if you don’t have money to
give, there’s always something that you can offer to others, even time and
effort is a great way to make a contribution in our society.  You make a difference. Every person counts.

My experience working for a charity like Interpal has provided a large
investment in my personal and professional development. Most of
us are in the position to give generously, whether it’s time and effort, compassion
or money. The next time you think you have no money to give, think a little
harder about ALL that you have, and you’ll find plenty that you can give. 

Rise & Chai logo - Interpal - International Women's Day

This International Women's Day, on March 8th 2019, host your own afternoon tea and support the legacy of extraordinary Palestinian women like the late medic, Razan al Najjar.

All funds raised will go towards our Razan al Najjar Scholarship Fund which provides training to even more paramedics in Gaza.