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Volunteering at Interpal

Majedah tells us about her experience working at Interpal.

Why did I choose Interpal?

Choosing Interpal as an
organisation to volunteer with was an easy decision. Since my early childhood I
have always been closely related to the matter of Palestine. Therefore, speaking
up for Palestine and standing with the oppressed Palestinians is something I
have being raised with.

I would like to introduce myself
at this point. My name is Majedah Borno. I am a 24 year old half German and
half Palestinian student studying English Studies and Islamic Science in
Germany. As part of my studies I have to complete an Internship at any English
speaking company.  It was clear to me
from the beginning to relate this Internship to Palestine as my heart goes out
to Palestine. Furthermore, I was searching for an opportunity to work with a
charity company that provides me with knowledge I can profit from as I am also
volunteering with charity activities in Germany.

But still the question is left
open, why did I choose Interpal?

Interpal is an organisation that
provides help for Palestinians in need. Help too Palestinians who lost their
homes. To Palestinians who lost their children, parents and loved ones. To Palestinians
among whom war has become everyday life. Therefore, supporting and getting
involved with an organisation such as Interpal means being aware of the fact
that Palestinians are in need of help to be able to live and have a brighter
future than the painful and dreadful past they have experienced. It means
standing up with Palestinians who suffer day-to-day and to fight with
Palestinians for their rights as we have the possibility and power to do

During my Internship at the
London Interpal Office I was delighted to experience the possibilities we have
to support Palestinians. I was able to strengthen my attitude towards charity
work, namely that helping is not about being rich and donating the highest
amount of money. Helping is about using one’s personal resources and to give
what everyone is able to give. At Interpal I met many hardworking members of
staff who provide Interpal and therefore Palestinians with precious help.
Fortunately I was given the opportunity to also make my own contribution. Within
one week me and my colleague were encouraged to organise two small fundraising activities.
Due to the terrific participation of Interpal members of staff we raised more
than the expected target and we are very grateful for that.

However, the impact of social
media has also been pointed out to me again. To carry out the message that
Palestinians are in Need of help and to show solidarity with Palestinians via
social media is a simple act with a great effect as it can reach thousands of
people. Many people use social media on a daily basis, so why not use it wisely
for the sake of Palestinians?

Getting involved with Interpal
reminded me that even the smallest act can make a change. In my younger days I
felt myself unable to help Palestinians as I was 2700 miles away. However,
distance does not play a big role anymore in such a globalised world we are
living in. Therefore, one should always stay full of hope that every action
with a pure intention, even if its small, can make a change for people and
Palestinians who do not live a secure life the way most of us do.

 Being a part of the sincere and
well organised team at Interpal showed me that this hope still is embedded and
present in many people with various backgrounds. The quote “You don’t have to
Palestinian to stand with Palestine” is being lived in Interpal.  I would not want to miss the experience I have
gained at the London Interpal office and all the wonderful and gracious staff
members I am very pleased to have met.

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