Palestinians will spend Eid Al Adha suffering from poverty and insecurity


During Eid Al Adha, Muslims worldwide will be practicing the
Sunnah of sacrificing an animal, known as Udhiyyah or Qurbani. This is a
reminder of the ultimate sacrifice our Prophet Ibraheem (AS) was prepared to
make in the way of Allah (swt). His complete devotion and unshakeable faith in Allah
(swt) helps us to remember the importance of having trust in our Lord in all of
our affairs. The fact that we are able to take benefit from our sacrifice by
distributing our meat to the poor is a great blessing, and indeed, each year
Qurbani meat has helped relieve Palestinian families in dire need, not only in
Gaza and the West Bank but across refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

Food shortages in Palestine are frequent. As a result of the
blockade and restrictions on imports, sufficient, nutritious food is out of
reach for around 1.6 million people. That’s around 33% of all households unable
to meet their basic food and household expenses. Refugee families in Lebanon
and Jordan also struggle with the costs of living due to high unemployment and
low salaries.

Interpal’s sponsorship team comes across many cases where
families are experiencing severe food shortages. Many families are relying on
charitable aid to survive as they have absolutely no household income. The aid
they receive is irregular, and not sufficient to meet their basic needs. Many single
mothers in Palestine are unemployed and unable to find work. Some cannot even
afford as little as a box of eggs to feed their children. There are cases where
families have fallen in debt to their local grocer’s as they have had to borrow

With a deteriorating economy and inflated prices, Palestinian
families who are struggling to get by. Interpal distributes fresh meat every
year to the thousands of families in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan living with
the consequences of the blockade and their refugee status. Child malnutrition
is high in areas such as Gaza where 90% of water has been deemed unfit for
consumption and parents are growing increasingly worried for their children’s

The meat distributed to the families can be canned or frozen
to feed the family long after the festivities have ended. Interpal aims to feed
even more families this year and provide food packs for the months to come.Many
will be unable to afford their own animals for slaughter, and are anticipating
this year’s Qurbani aid.

Please call 0208 961 9993 or visit to make a donation.

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