Meet 12 year-old Musa, from Jordan!

12 year-old Musa lives in a refugee camp in
Jordan with his parents and older brother. Musa suffers from Down syndrome,
a genetic condition that typically causes some level of learning
disability and characteristic physical features. To be able to reach his
full potential, Musa needs costly specialist care.

The family is in a difficult financial situation
and is struggling to make ends meet: Musa’s father suffers from many diseases
and is unable to work. They don’t own the house they live in and have to pay rent
every month. The family’s only source of income is their eldest son’s salary,
which is not enough to live a decent life.

Musa is a beneficiary of our one-to-one child
sponsorship programme, and receives financial aid on a monthly basis. His
mother is extremely grateful to their sponsor: “Without Interpal’s
monetary aid, I couldn’t buy Eid clothes for Musa, I couldn’t pay for the
specialist services that he desperately needs.”

Please sponsor a child with Interpal today. For
just £25 a month – that’s 83p a day – you’ll be giving a Palestinian
child and their family the hope of a better future. 

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