we are celebrating World Food Day, a global day of action when people around
the world unite to declare their commitment to eliminate hunger in our

Palestine and the refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan, food insecurity
remains an important issue
. According to UNRWA, food insecurity in
Palestine is driven by high rates of poverty resulting from unemployment,
as well as high prices for food. Though food is readily available, food
prices are too high and Palestinian families have to reduce the variety and
nutritional value found in their diet. Most Palestinians in Gaza and the West
Bank spend over half of their income on food.

At Interpal we want to encourage our supporters to think
about how lucky we are to have enough food to eat every day and how we can take
action to help Palestinians in need.


  • Donate the cost of your lunch: Today,
    save your leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch and use the money you would have spent
    buying your lunch to help feed Palestinian refugees.

  • Send a £35 food parcel to a
    Palestinian family: it contains rice, pasta, lentils, oil, sugar and much more.
    It can feed a whole family for one month.

  • Become a sponsor: for
    less than 83p a day, you can help a vulnerable child and their family lift
    themselves out of poverty.

  • Raise awareness on social media: share
    this blog on your Facebook page and tweet about the situation in Palestine.
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