Helping Syrian refugee families in Jordan

Muhammad, is a young Syrian
man who lives in Nasr Refugee camp in Jordan, with his wife Ghadeer, their two
sons Adel (5) and Akram (2), and their 4 year-old daughter Adla. Two years ago,
Ghadeer gave birth to premature twins. Akram survived, but sadly his twin brother
got sick and died.

Muhammad receives a small salary
of 150 Jordanian Dinars every month (the equivalent of £137), and he wasn’t
able to afford the expensive hospital costs. For that reason the hospital was
refusing to return his dead son’s body.

Interpal’s delegate in
Nasr refugee camp told our Jordan Field Office about this urgent case. We
helped Muhammad pay the hospital fees via our Urgent Social Aid Fund, so that
the family was able to lay their son to rest.

Many Syrian refugee
families are struggling to pay their debts. If you’d like to help, please visit
our website or call us on 020 8961 9993. Thank you.

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