Yaseen will be climbing Mount Snowdon for Palestine!

Here are the reasons behind  his motivation:

“Palestine is, and has been, in humanitarian crisis for the last 70 years. Palestinians are oppressed, exiled from their homes and denied their basic human rights every day. Millions have been displaced, orphaned and murdered, having their homes destroyed and land occupied. I would like to raise funds to help alleviate the ongoing socio economic struggle affecting Palestine. Hospitals, schools and clinics are amongst the key infrastructures that have been brutally attacked by Israeli forces. Worldwide, 1 in 3 orphans are Palestinians. These are children who have had their childhood butchered, dreams shattered and have to live under constant threat from the Israeli regime. It is our duty as human beings to unite over our differences, race and religion, to help those affected by this senseless apartheid.“

You can support him here!