Sara, 16, would like to become an interior designer 

16 year-old Sara, lives with her parents,
grandparents and her brother Mohamad in Burj El Barajneh Palestinian refugee
camp in Beirut, Lebanon. Her family is originally from a Palestinian village
that was located in the district of Acre. In 1948 during the Nakba, they were forced
to flee to Lebanon and became refugees.

Sara’s father works as a maintenance
worker in a small shop in the refugee camp. His income is very low and doesn’t
cover the family’s basic needs. Her mother recently finished her studies in
“Skincare and Beauty” and would like to open her own business to help her family.

Sara suffers from a permanent hearing
disability, which was caused by fever and flu complications during her early
childhood. She needs a digital medical hearing device which costs 1,200$ for
both ears. She also needs to change the batteries every 3 months. The financial
sponsorship Sara receives every month allows her to meet her medical needs.

Despite her disability, Sara is very
ambitious. She currently studies Interior Design at the Al Hadi Institute for
Deaf, Blind and Learning Disabilities and would like to become an international
interior designer. Her mother is very proud of her; she encourages and supports
her every day: “I want my daughter to work towards her bright future to help

Sara also has excellent acting skills: last
summer she traveled to Cyprus with her school team to take part in an acting
competition and she won the gold medal! She also received an excellence school
certificate in theater, cartoon film, and drawing.

Interpal started supporting Sara and her
family in 2010. Sara would like to thank Interpal’s donors, who help her continue
her studies and overcome her suffering. If you would like to sponsor a child yourself, give us a call on 020 8961
9993 or