Gaza engineering graduates find ingenious way to carry heavy loads with ease


A group of engineering graduates from Al Azhar
University in Gaza has come up with an innovative solution to the burden
facing thousands of Palestinians who are forced to carry heavy loads on a daily
basis. With limited use of elevators in the Gaza Strip due to power cuts, many
struggle to cope, especially during a time when thousands are attempting to
restore at least some of the damage caused to their homes during last year’s
devastating assault.

The team’s product- a three-wheeled mechanical stair
climber- slides up or down stairs with ease, letting the wheels do all the work
while carrying loads of up to 70 kg. Their design will be invaluable to the
residents of Gaza facing everyday problems that many of us cannot even imagine.

The idea came about after the team was scouted by FundingLab, an organisation supported by
Interpal that helps to provide start-ups in Palestine and elsewhere. Not only
will the idea be beneficial to thousands of residents across Gaza, it will also
help to ease the stifling lack of employment opportunities facing highly
skilled graduates.

The team are currently crowdfunding to manufacture their
design. They need £15,000 to do so, and you can help by clicking here

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