How will Palestinians weather the storm 

As temperatures plummet, many Palestinians
will be fighting to survive a second winter with insufficient shelter, clothes,
and food.
Last year, the extreme weather left thousands cold, hungry and
homeless and killed others. The situation has not improved. Since the 2014
summer attacks, regrettably, there has only been one home rebuilt which means
Palestinians again will be struggling to survive sub zero temperatures without
any shelter or sources of food and warmth. The international community’s silent
inaction speaks volumes at a time when Palestinians need them most; they have
once again been forgotten.

The destruction wrought during the
summer 2014 attacks has left families in Gaza living in makeshift or badly
damaged homes which are not suitable for the hostility of winter.
The people in
Gaza also face 18 hours a day without any power which means no light in their
homes or streets during the short days and long nights. Palestinians do not
just face the harsh weather during winter, but they’re still facing food
insecurity with no kitchen equipment to make hot meals and no income to buy
food. Heartbreakingly, last winter three children froze to death in Gaza.

The hostile winter also affected many
refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.
Lebanon was hit with torrential rains and heavy
snow which left thousands refugees without a place to sleep. Many refugees live
in tents which are not strong enough to withstand the extreme conditions. They
also have inadequate clothing for the winter season, with many sporting summer
sandals and t-shirts in sub zero temperatures. The lack of warm clothing and
shelter left many children ill and it also lead to a few children refugees
dying in Lebanon.

Through our Winter Appeal, we hope
to help thousands of families and give them what they need right now: clothes,
blankets, heaters, food parcels, fuel and shelter support.
Last year, Interpal
helped 5,000 families in Palestine and the refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan,

and hopefully we can provide many more families this year with these
essentials.  We are also supporting
thousands of Syrian refugees with our campaign. We hope that you can make a small
donation towards our Winter Appeal.

Help us bring Palestinian refugees out of the cold.

Call us on 020 8961 9993 or visit

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