“I used to be quite fragile and weak in the past, but I have become very strong.“

Nadima is a Syrian refugee from Darayya (Damascus, Syria). She’s been living in Al Farah refugee camp for a year and a half, with her husband and her two children. Nadima left her family in Syria: her dad is in Damascus on his own and her brother is still detained by the Syrian government. Her mother passed away in Syria, due to a lack of medicine (she suffered from a heart disease). Nadima and her husband decided to leave when the fighting in Darayya started. Her sister had already fled to Lebanon so they decided to join her. They had to stay hidden for five days in a car. Sadly her cousin was killed by one of the barrel bombs.

Nadima’s husband used to do ceramic tiling in Syria. He now works as a wood worker outside the camp and they only get to see each other once a week. Nadima said There
is nothing for us to do in the camp, no activities and no jobs. The situation is very hard for the men, they are frustrated. “

The family has to pump the water from the ground twice a day and they pay about $30 per month to get electricity. The family is healthy and both children have been
vaccinated. Her son Omar had digestive problems a few months ago but he is feeling better now. The family can receive free healthcare from the clinic in Al Aoudi camp. Omar goes to a school for Syrian children outside the camp. He is being taught the Qur’an by teachers inside the camp. Nadima is extremely proud of him, because he is “the top one” in his class.

Even though the family’s situation is difficult, Nadima remains optimistic: during the whole interview, she doesn’t stop smiling. She tells us: “I used to be quite fragile and weak in the past, but I have become very strong. This is what happens when you have nothing left to lose. I only get sad when I am thinking
of my brother who remains in Syria. I’m happy here, I am safe. Everyone is friendly and loves each other. There is hope.”

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