A challenging job: teaching English to traumatized Syrian children in Lebanon

“My name is Yenala, I’m a Palestinian-Lebanese from Saida. I have been working at the Al Insaani school for three years. I teach English to 40 students every day. I really love my job, it is extremely challenging.

The most difficult thing for me is to deal with the psychological problems that many Syrian children suffer from. These children have been traumatized by the war. They have seen terrible things happen: some of them have seen their parents die, and others have had to flee without their families. Some children have to work to earn money and on top of that they still have to do their homework. This is not a normal situation.

Something I’ve confronted quite a lot is early marriages. Because of the financial problems that most Syrian families are facing here in Lebanon, parents agree to marry off their daughters. The teachers have been trying to talk to the parents about it but they don’t really listen unfortunately. This saddens me a lot.

It is extremely satisfying to see how my students’ writing develops over time, and notice that their essays are much better than before. It is a priceless feeling.

Interpal proudly support the Al Insaani school for Syrian refugee children in Saida, Lebanon.

We want to increase the number of students we help, and we need your support. Please donate this vital Sadaqah Jariyah and give stability, education and happiness to a young refugee student.

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