Gaza doctor creates 3D printed stethoscopes

34 year old Gazan doctor Tarek Loubani has created a low-cost stethoscope with a 3D printer. Dr Loubani was confronted with the lack of medical equipment when he was working at Al Shifa hospital and decided to tackle shortages by designing his own equipment. The stethoscope can be made by a 3D printer for just $2.50 (£1.60). He hopes his invention will help alleviate medical supply shortages caused by a 10-year blockade on the Gaza Strip.


Gaza doctor 3D printing stethoscopes after eight years under blockade

A doctor in the Gaza Strip who was faced with the fallout of an eight-year blockade in the territory has taken matters into his own hands and created a low-cost stethoscope with a 3D printer.



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