Palestinian students design robot controlled by smart glove

Computer engineering students Mohammad Zyoud, Mohammad Attiyeh and Suhaib Tawafsheh, from Ramallah, have designed a robot that can be controlled by a smart glove.

The glove, using sensors and special electronic equipment, can send specific instructions and move the robot around. Whoever wears the glove has direct control over the robot’s speed and direction.

Building the prototype wasn’t an easy task: many items were not available in the West Bank and had to be ordered online. They had to wait for months for some items to arrive. Mohammad Attiyeh said he hopes that this technology can be used in a wide variety of applications in the future.


Palestinian university students design robot controlled by glove

Computer engineering students Mohammad Zyoud, Mohammad Atiyyeh and Suhaib Tawafsheh spent eight months working on the self-funded project which cost them around 150 USD.



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