Ramadan in Palestine


The holy month of Ramadan is a time in which the Muslims believe to be sacred for the Quran was revealed. A period in which one is to abstain from eating, drinking and behaving in a negative mannerism. But rather appreciate that not all people are fortunate as we are, to feel the suffering of those who have nothing, a process of humility.

A month in which you are to smell home cooked samosa’s drifting up the stairs whilst you bask in the golden glory of the sunset, as the time of breaking your fast approaches ever so slowly. The new dawn promising of the day in which you are to endure. The very first prayer in which you converse with your Lord asking that he will relieve you of your worries, the same towards the end of the day slipping into the next morning. Its complete surrealism as one recognises that this world is nothing but an illusion – temporary. During this time, a person’s heart is to open with the willingness to give, a new sense of generosity.

However this is not the case in regards to the Palestinians in the refugee camps, they will not smell such smells within the safety of their home. Families once united, broken up across the widespread of land so cruelly separating. The home orientated celebration, no more but the calloused belief that such a feeling may never return and roam the lands of Palestine.

But let this Ramadan be the one of a new introduction of hope that such poverty and deprivation will no longer be. The promise of tomorrow as the new dawn approaches, that families will be reunited.

Think of the great reward that will come either now or in the forthcoming future, and make a donation to rekindle such aspirations for
the Palestinians.

May you all have a blessed Ramadan!

Zaynab, 15, London
Interpal Volunteer

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This International Women's Day, on March 8th 2019, host your own afternoon tea and support the legacy of extraordinary Palestinian women like the late medic, Razan al Najjar.

All funds raised will go towards our Razan al Najjar Scholarship Fund which provides training to even more paramedics in Gaza.