Editorial- July 2016

The last ten days and nights of Ramadan are particularly special for Muslims. It is a time to focus on worship and good deeds and reap the rewards of this most holy time. In these last ten blessed days, our field offices have continued to distribute aid to people across Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. Your generosity during this month has allowed us to reach almost 15,000 families with vital food and financial aid, as well as water aid and other forms of support.

Life as a Palestinian refugee is difficult in ways that many of us don’t understand and cannot imagine. With the region in such turmoil, the importance of easing the burdens of Palestinian families and giving them moral and material support cannot be underestimated.

The overwhelming positive and happy responses that we get from our beneficiaries is both affirming and inspiring. In this month of mercy, together we have made contributions that have a big impact on individuals. Interpal has also been able to distribute your zakat and sadaqah, ensuring you fulfil your religious duty and benefit the people of the holy land.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our staff, our volunteers and our donors for coming together for Palestine this Ramadan. As we draw closer to Eid, we hope that you will continue to think of Palestine, and commit to bringing joy and comfort to our brothers and sisters throughout the year, however you can.

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