Supporting Gaza’s Young People


With unemployment and poverty at shocking levels, many talented young students struggle to pay for university and gain qualifications that can help them out of poverty and help their society.

Interpal has ensured that this Ramadan, over 60 students were provided with support to pay off university fees and obtain their degree certificates.

Many congratulations to these graduates, we are proud of their hard work and we wish them all the best inshAllah!

Supporting students not only ensures Palestinians remain one of the most educated groups in the region, but that local talent and hard work is not wasted. It allows young people to dream of a better future, gives them confidence and means that future generations of doctors, lawyers, nurses, IT professions etc. are not lost.

Having spoken with many students when in Gaza, the value they place of their education is immeasurable and with over 50% of Gaza’s population under the age of 18, education is an important way to build hope, resilience and improve Palestinian society.

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