Editorial- August 2016


Everyone here at Interpal would like to extend our gratitude to all of our friends and supporters and hope that you had a blessed Ramadan and Eid. This year, our wonderful donors have helped us to raise over £2.5 million during our Ramadan campaign, which is a fantastic return on our collective efforts. People truly came Together #ForPalestine  and I am pleased to say that your support has already made a real difference.

More than 13,000 families have benefited from your generous donations and have received vital food and financial aid. That’s tens of thousands of lives which have been made that little bit better thanks to you. Many of you also helped us to support hundreds of other families with water and medical aid throughout the last month and through ongoing relief projects.

Although Ramadan is over, Interpal’s relief and development work is ongoing as we try to ensure that Palestinian refugees have some dignity as they go about their day-to-day affairs. Right now, although the summer holidays have started, Palestinian children will be thinking about returning to school soon and families will be concerned about how they will be able to provide education resources and fees.

As part of our annual “Back to School” Campaign, we will be providing school kits and supporting schools, colleges and universities with equipment to improve the educational experience of students across our areas of operation. Annually, we support over 3,000 students with schools kits or uniforms, and 1,000 students with scholarships and fees. Recently, we provided fees for 60 higher education students in Gaza, ensuring that they can obtain their certificates and go on to post-graduate studies or employment. We have also approved a generator for Al-Insaani School in Lebanon, which serves refugees from Syria.

Our Education Aid Programmes have a positive impact on the younger generation of Palestinians; they are the brighter future for all who need Interpal’s assistance. The power of education in helping people to better themselves and their lives is immense. We hope that you agree, and will support Interpal even more in this challenging but rewarding endeavour.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan, Wassalamu Alaikum

Ibrahim Hewitt, Chairman

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