Congratulations to students graduating from the Islamic University of Gaza!


Yesterday, over 100 students at the Islamic University of Gaza joined countless other young people all over the world in celebrating their graduation from university this summer.

The ‘Creative Technology’ and ‘Maintenance of Computer and Smart Devices’ cohorts celebrated their achievements today alongside staff and students from the Islamic University of Gaza. As part of the ‘Improving Access for Students in Higher Education with Hearing Impairments in the Gaza Strip’ project, sponsored by the Education Above All Foundation, Interpal was honoured to be part of this highly successful project that emphasises the right to education for all young people in Palestine.

Over the past year, Interpal has been working with students with hearing impairments in the ‘Improving Transportation Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities’ to create a safe and accessible commuting environment for university students.  Interpal has also announced our appointment of four new graduates from the programme within our organisation as part of our commitment to creating jobs to tackle the unemployment crisis that is hitting young people in Palestine the hardest.

At the core of Interpal’s investment in education is a belief that young people hold the future of Palestine in their hands.  In imagining a free and equal Palestine, it is vital to include all citizens, especially those who, due to prejudice, are frequently cast on the margins of society, in the UK and Palestine.  In supporting students with disabilities to further their education, we look forward to a future in which all members of society take a leading role in presenting Palestine as a leading example to the rest of the world.

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