Introducing…Tudja, our Autumn/Winter 2016 intern!


My name is Tudja and I’m 18 years old, I travelled to the U.K. last week to begin an internship with Interpal, a humanitarian aid agency that focuses on the human rights of Palestinians and Palestinian refugees. I will be working at Interpal for two weeks, starting off in the Communications department to assisting with Sponsorships before finishing off by helping out in the Fundraising and outreach team.

I was born in Gaza but raised in Sweden. I moved to Sweden with my parents and my older brother in 1999. I am now in my last year of high school studying international social science. In my spare time I volunteer in a care home for elderly people back in Sweden.

I came to London because I had heard about the great work that Interpal do from my family back in Gaza. Since I am a Palestinian myself what would be better than interning at an organisation whose mission is: ‘helping Palestinians in need’. Since coming to Sweden I have only been able to go back to visit my family twice, so I know how hard life is under occupation.

Life in Gaza is full of struggles. I have seen the unending weight people bear and believe that helping my people is the best thing I can do from my position. I will try my best to make my time here at Interpal beneficial by sharing stories of people on the ground and the realities of their daily lives in blog posts and
case studies.

In the future I would like to pursue a career in diplomacy, possible working in an embassy so as to better represent my people and our needs. I hope that my time at Interpal will help to equip me with the skills of communication, compassion and coordination necessary to help me on the way to reach my goals.

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