Can you help give Izz Aldeen the gift of sight?

The Tubakh family have been tested many times; they have been tested in their wealth, health and in their children.

The family have no source of income, as the head of the household is unable to work due to a heart condition. The children all suffer from Mediterranean fever; a painful inflammatory condition of the abdominal lining, joints, and lining surrounding the lungs, for which there is no cure. But the pain associated with the symptoms can be controlled, with regular medication.

Additionally Izz Aldeen, a university student with future ambitions to support his family, sadly suffers from Congenital Ptosis since birth. This is a painful condition, which affects the muscles and nerves of the eyelids, resulting in an inability to keep the eyes open and affecting vision.

Give Izz Aldeen the Gift of Sight.

Izz Aldeen has had multiple surgeries throughout his life to provide some sort of temporary relief, as the family could not afford the costs of a more curative form of surgery. However, as his condition worsens, Izz Aldeen had to suspend his studies. Furthermore, his older brother had to give up his dream to study, so that he can provide for his family, and maybe find a way to support his brother through his ordeal.

Our team in London have set up a fundraising page, in the hope to raise enough funds, to give Izz Aldeen the gift of sight and provide some support to his family.

  • £1,672 – Surgical Procedure
  • £328 – Travel Costs (Izz Aldeen resides in Hebron and will need to travel to Ramallah for the surgery)
  • £1,000 – Cash in hand to the family (to cover some of their daily needs)

We ask that you join us in this goodness and be part of this amazing gift – the gift of sight!

Donate here.

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