#ActForChildren | Child patients under siege


More than 10 years of siege and 50 years of occupation in the Gaza Strip has left thousands of Palestinian children unable to access vital health services.

More than a third of all essential medicines and medical disposables are at 0 stock levels – that’s less than one month’s supply available for patients across all hospitals and healthcare clinics in the Gaza Strip. More than half of medications used for the treatment of cancers are also at critical levels, putting thousands of children’s lives at risk.

The health sector is at breaking point, and the lives of child patients- with what are in many cases easily treatable conditions – are under threat.

Stand against the siege – send medical supplies to child patients

You can help to subsidise medical fees for Palestinian children, including those with rare and debilitating illnesses. You can also provide essential medical supplies including assistive devices to support children with disabilities or long term conditions.

Send medical supplies now

Take Action: Lobby the UK government

Stand up for the children of Palestine by demanding that your MP and the UK’s International Development minister take decisive action in support of their human rights. Write to Penny Mourdant, the UK’s Secretary of State for International Development or your local MP here.

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