#ActForChildren | No place to call home

An estimated 24,000 Palestinian homes have been destroyed by Israel since 1967, severely impacting Palestinian children’s sense of security, normality and psychological well-being.

The 2014 assault on Gaza resulted in the partial destruction and damage of around 120,000 homes. Over 18,000 homes were seriously damaged or destroyed.

The impact of a losing a home is both financial and psychological, having severely damaging effects on Palestinian children’s sense of familial and community security.

Provide a safe home for children in Gaza

Interpal provides shelter support to thousands of Palestinians who have been forcibly displaced due to the destruction of or damage to their homes. We help families find new shelter, rebuild their homes and provide financial assistance for those who are unable to pay for rent due to a loss of income.

Provide shelter support to children now

Take Action: Lobby the UK government

Stand up for the children of Palestine by demanding that your MP and the UK’s International Development minister take decisive action in support of their human rights. Write to Penny Mourdant, the UK’s Secretary of State for International Development or your local MP here.

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