Lives of cancer patients in Gaza at serious risk after treatment halted


Cancer patients in Gaza are in desperate need of lifesaving medical aid.

The besieged Gaza Strip has suffered from a chronic shortage of medical supplies for years, with up to half of all essential medicines and medical disposables continually at zero stock levels- that’s less than one month’s supply available for patients across all hospitals and healthcare clinics in the Gaza Strip.

Now, more than 80% of cancer drugs are depleted, and the lives of up to 8000 cancer patients are at serious risk.

Some forms of cancer treatment are completely unavailable, including radiotherapy and molecular therapy. With only two working mammograms across the Gaza Strip, survival rates for breast cancer- one of the most treatable forms of cancer- are as low as 30%, compared to 85% in England.

The health sector is at breaking point, and the lives of patients- with what are in many cases treatable conditions- are under threat.

Gaza’s healthcare crisis is a result of more than a decade of blockade, 51 years of occupation and numerous Israeli assaults, affecting the majority of its 2 million residents trapped inside.

To cope with the lack of medical supplies, hospitals are forced to use outdated equipment or re-use surgical tools. Almost 50% of Gaza’s medical equipment is outdated and the average wait for spare parts can be up to six months. This puts patients at an increased risk of experiencing complications during surgical procedures or treatment.

Interpal is working in Gaza to provide hospitals with essential medical aid. With the situation now at breaking point, we need you to act as a lifeline for Palestine.

 To restock Gaza with medical supplies, including cancer drugs, please visit or call 020 8961 9993.



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