Meet Nour, a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon. She’s #NoOrdinaryWoman


“I live near El Buss Refugee Camp in Lebanon, where I work as a physiotherapist.

In the camp parents who have children with disabilities sometimes don’t fully understand how treatment can help them, and private physiotherapy sessions are expensive. But when they come here, they listen to all the information I give them and follow all my instructions. Most of the time, it’s the mothers who come for support. They really play a major role in the whole rehabilitation process.

Once, I treated a baby who had cerebral apraxia, which meant that she couldn’t walk. I worked with her intensely and finally, after 6 months she was able to. She was a patient I really enjoyed working with.

I think things are getting worse in the camp now though. Mainly because of the influx of new refugees, it’s really difficult to treat everyone.

This job is so rewarding, I get to know so many people, and create new relationships. Even though this job can be really sad and psychologically difficult, I love helping people and will continue to do so”.

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