Iftar Thirst Quenchers

The fasts are long and we are in lockdown. This is a Ramadan like never before. Come iftar time, we could all do with a drink! 🙂

Some of our staff at Interpal are very serious about their beverages, so we asked them to give us their favourite Ramadan thirst quencher recipes!

1. Limonana

A classic and refreshing summer drink across the Middle East.You can make it sweeter or more tarte and have a great drink to accompany your iftar meal!

Find the recipe here

2. Tamar Hindi Drink

This is a favourite during summer time in Palestine and across the Middle East. It isn’t to everyone’s taste but you can add a lot of crushed ice or even make it into a slush or ice lolly!

Find the recipe here

3. Falooda

A classic south Asian desert drink, that is truly delicious and indulgent!

There are different ways to make falooda but here is a great recipe to get you started!

3. Dalgona/Whipped Coffee

This is all the rage on social media right now, but it has been around for a long time in South and South East Asia.

You can make both hot and cold versions as well as using other types of instant drink powder rather than coffee!

Here is a simple dalgona recipe for you to try.

4. Mango Lassi

Many of us will be missing eating out for iftar and ordering a mango lassi!

Here is a great recipe to try.

You can also get other flavours if mango isn’t your thing as well as a salty version.

5. Mocktails!

We know many of you love mocktails and there are so many different ones to try, depending on your taste. Have it in a fancy glass and pretend you’re at a restaurant!

Find a number of mocktail recipes here.

6. Dough 

If you don’t want a sugar overload and want something a little different, you can try dough. Dough is a refreshing Afghan drink that is similar to salty lassi.

You can find a great recipe here.

We hope you will find some refreshment in these recipes and that your fasts are accepted inshAllah!

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