Bake For Palestine


Interpal is collaborating with its favourite bakeries in different regions in the UK to bring you and your loved ones the perfect treats for Eid! Order delicious treats by Wednesday 29th July and proceeds will go towards our Qurbani campaign to help provide necessities on Eid day for those in need!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to help others while treating your friends and family!


London- 07379 512409

🔸 £20 for a box of 12 yummy brownies in 3 different flavours including chocolate, tahini & cookie bar

🔸 £20 for a 10-inch lotus biscoff cheesecake or Fruit Sponge cake

🔸 Organic chocolate and vanilla cupcakes (6 for £8 or 12 for £15), Chocolate strawberries (6 for £5 or 12 for £9), Organic jewel heart cakes (4 for £8 or 8 for £15)

🔸 £40 for a Small Doughlicious Platter (2/3 pieces of each item) or £70 for a Large Doughlicious Platter (4/5 pieces of each item)

Manchester- 07934 301273

🔸£15 for 8 cookies in four different flavours (Kinder Bueno, Daim, Lotus Biscoff, Aero Mint)

Leeds- 07526 909676

🔸 £12 for 6 orange and chocolate chip cookies and 6 mouthwatering chocolate brownies

Bradford- 07720 536322

🔸£12 for a mixture of brownies and cookies in various flavours: Milk & White Chocolate Chunks, Oreo, 2 Milk Choc Chip, 2 Double Choc Chip

Edinburgh- 07500 970908

🔸 £25 Box of 6 vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting

🔸£15 for a 6 inch cake of vanilla or chocolate sponge with buttercream frosting

Delivery available on THURSDAY 30TH JULY

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