Solidarity with the Palestinian People, Today and Everyday

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Today is marked as the ‘International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People’.

The Palestinian refugee crisis is the longest running refugee crisis in the world and the military occupation of Palestine is the longest in modern history. Since 1948, Palestinians have endured displacement and violence and have been denied many of their basic human rights. In 2020, Gaza is ‘unliveable’ and trying not to be overwhelmed by the Coronavirus Pandemic, whilst the West Bank continues to be fragmented and suppressed. Palestinian refugees across Lebanon and Jordan are extra vulnerable due to poverty and socio-political disadvantage.

The Palestinian cause resonates with many of us because the Palestinian people have shown us what resilience and steadfastness look like in the face of oppression. However, on this day, it is important to remember that behind the statistics and the stories of hope and perseverance, there are real people struggling through unimaginable hardships.

Being unable to return to your homeland, being denied freedom of movement and political, social and economic rights has damaged and harmed generations of Palestinians. The crises facing Palestinians across our areas of operation are immense, and there has been almost no political will from those with power to address these and bring about a meaningful and just solution.

The Palestinians have been let down and therefore, it is vital that we remain involved and show our solidarity though actions. We can appeal to politicians, raise awareness amongst our networks, speak out against injustice and violence and also give in charity and other forms of support. Thank you for supporting our work and demonstrating your solidarity through us.

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