Seeking the Night of Power

Interpal Ramadan 2021 Cover Photo Twitter Dome

The final ten days of this holy month are another a blessing from Allah (SWT); among them is Laylat al-Qadr, the Night of Power; a night that is more blessed than a thousand months. The powerful benefits of these days are experienced by striving harder to gain the blessings and pleasure of Allah (SWT). The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would spend it in constant worship, reflection, and would dedicate himself to doing the best of deeds.

This is our opportunity to focus our spirits and hearts, carry out acts of worship and gain immense reward. There is no better time to reaffirm and act on our love for Palestine and show our Palestinian brothers and sisters that we are on their side.

The ongoing impact of siege, occupation and the Covid-19 Pandemic has made life even more difficult for vulnerable Palestinians. Last year, you helped us provide vital aid to thousands of families, and throughout 2020, you supported our work despite the obstacles we faced.

This Ramadan, we are grateful to you for your trust in our expertise and for continuing to support the new way in which we are helping beneficiaries. Your loyalty to our work has allowed us to utilise our expertise and provide support to charitable and advocacy efforts for Palestinians in need. You can find out how you can make a difference through Interpal by clicking here or calling 0208 961 9993.

We are proud to have your support and pray the rest of your Ramadan is safe, healthy and we wish you a happy Eid ul Fitr, insha’Allah!

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