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Families in Palestine enjoy their ifthar meals during last year’s ramadan.

Here is the first part of our 3 part video for our Ramadan campaign. The man in the video seems to be enjoying his holiday, what could be the breaking news which will change that.

On Monday, we will be launching the first video of our Ramadan campaign, we’re going to need your help in making it spread, so like and re-blog it.

Here is the Education Effect, a boardgame created here at Interpal which charts a child in Palestine’s education cycle, showing the impact their lifestyle can have around them and the way Interpal helps to rectify their situation.

85 year old Aisha, and her brother Ahmed who is 73, live in a small yard in the Gaza Strip with no electricity or clean water supplies. They rely on neighbours to light their home with a makeshift electricity wire. After suffering multiple blood clots, Aisha’s mobility has severely deteriorated,…