Interpal Education Aid 2019
Interpal Education Aid 2019

Help Palestinian children and young adults make it to class this year.

Soaring levels of poverty and ongoing violence in the occupied Palestinian territories prevent many young people from accessing their right to an education. Children and young adults with disabilities are the worst affected, with less than half of children with disabilities enrolled in regular education.

In Palestinian refugee camps across Lebanon and Jordan, poorly funded schools and a lack of opportunities outside the camps are taking their toll on the motivation of refugee children. Combined with their economic hardship, a normal educational experience is almost impossible.

Successive generations of Palestinian children have learned that their classrooms and homes are not safe places, and they have come to learn that their school uniforms will not shield them from bullets, bombs or harassment.

Without the financial means to overcome the lack of accessible infrastructure and the costs of education, thousands of Palestinian children and young adults will not make it to class this year.

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School Kit

Just £25

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School Uniform

Just £30

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University Grant

Just £250

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Equip a Classroom

Just £300

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Specialist Education Support

Just £300

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Interpal Education Aid - Palestinian Child Carrying Books

Help Palestinian children and young adults make it to school this year

Interpal’s Education Aid Programmes work to ensure Palestinian children and youth can access and benefit from an education. This has included being aware of the particular challenges facing children with disabilities and special needs through a variety of programmes and projects.

No child should feel the weight of their poverty or disadvantage as they aspire to learn, and this is why supporting Palestinian schools and ensuring students get to school is crucial to building stronger, resilient communities.

As the new term begins across Palestine, you can help ensure that all children and young adults make it to class this year. Donate to our Education Aid Programme now.

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The climate has become hostile for all those who support Palestinians seeking their rights. Despite the obvious humanitarian crises facing Palestinians, certain groups are seeking to hinder the work of charities like ours. There are people who want to stop us delivering aid to those in need.

With your support, Interpal will continue to overcome the obstacles it faces, as it has done for 25 years. We may not currently be able to take card donations, but you can still donate in other convenient ways so we can continue to deliver impactful aid.