Interpal - Ramadan 2020 Logo - Palestine
Interpal - Ramadan 2020 Logo - Palestine

This Ramadan, your duas and charity can ease the suffering of Palestinians and be a mercy to them as they strive to live with dignity.

The holy month of Ramadan is one of the greatest blessings and gifts from Allah (SWT).  Through His mercy, Allah (SWT) has bestowed on us an opportunity to strengthen our devotion, purify our souls and gain multiple rewards.

There is no better time than Ramadan to purify our wealth through Zakat, and giving to the poor and less fortunate is one of the most honourable deeds that we can perform to grow closer to Allah (SWT).

This Ramadan, we are facing a situation of great distress and upheaval. The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused untold suffering and continues to impact many vulnerable communities across the globe. We are all affected.

In the besieged Gaza Strip, families are preparing for an unprecedented humanitarian crisis- the healthcare system is on the brink of collapse and many feel powerless in their efforts to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Families in Palestine and across the refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon remain caught between politics and poverty, they are struggling to access the most basic of necessities, including food, water, shelter and medical care.

This Ramadan, your duas and charity can ease the suffering of Palestinians and be a mercy to them as they strive to live with dignity.

Interpal - Ramadan 2020 Logo - Palestine

Feed the Fasting

Provide food for a day or for the whole month

Donate your Zakat

Provide financial aid to meet a family's essential needs

Give Sadaqah Jariyah

Give to projects that continue to grow

Help against Coronavirus

Help Palestine tackle the coronavirus pandemic

Be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity. Whatever good you send forth for your souls before you, you shall find it with Allah. For Allah sees well all that you do.

Qur'an 2:110

Our Food Programme

During Ramadan Interpal provides hot, nutritious meals, food parcels and food vouchers to families in need. This programme safeguards families from hunger, ill health and further financial strain.

Our Zakat Programme

As one of the pillars of Islam, we collect and distribute Zakat with the utmost diligence. We ensure that your zakat reaches Palestinian families that are most in need in the form of financial aid. Relieving financial burdens on families means they are able to gain access to their basic needs without having to make tough choices that nobody should have to make.

Need to calculate your Zakat?

Confused about how to calculate your Zakat?
Try our simple-to-use calculator

Our Sadaqah Jariyah Programme

By giving Sadaqah Jariyah, you can provide an ongoing benefit, enabling you to reap the rewards from Allah (SWT) over time, and even after death. We offer several ways in which you can support Palestinians in the long-term and earn ongoing rewards.

Coronavirus Emergency

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global pandemic as coronavirus rapidly spreads across the world. As the virus takes a firmer hold across the Middle East, there are growing concerns over the catastrophic impact a major outbreak will have in refugee camps across the region. In response, our teams are delivering emergency medical aid and supplying hygiene kits to families across Palestinian refugee camps.


Here are some handy resources to keep you busy this Ramadan.


Make a Donation

Change Palestinian Lives

Need help? Call our team on 020 8961 9993. Once you complete the form and a member of our team will contact you to check your details.

The climate has become hostile for all those who support Palestinians seeking their rights. Despite the obvious humanitarian crises facing Palestinians, certain groups are seeking to hinder the work of charities like ours. There are people who want to stop us delivering aid to those in need.

With your support, Interpal will continue to overcome the obstacles it faces, as it has done for 25 years. We may not currently be able to take card donations, but you can still donate in other convenient ways so we can continue to deliver impactful aid.

Zakat, Fidya & Kaffarah Explained


Zakat is a pillar of Islam and its reward, along with all other good acts, is multiplied during the blessed month of Ramadan. You are eligible to pay Zakat if the amount of wealth that you have earned is more than the Nisaab (the amount of wealth a person must earn in order for the payment of Zakat to become obligatory). In this case, 2.5% must be given to charity in the form of Zakat.


Anyone who cannot fast during Ramadan and is unable to make up the lost days afterwards must compensate by feeding a poor person for each day of fasting missed. Fidya for one day is what you consider to be the average cost of two meals. For UK residents, this would be around £5 per person.


Kaffarah is the payment to be made if someone intentionally breaks or misses a fast without a valid reason. They must either fast continuously for 60 days or, if this is not possible, they must feed 60 poor people with two meals for one day. For UK residents, this would cost £300 per day.

Zakat ul-Fitr

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) made it compulsory for every Muslim to pay their Zakat ul-Fitr prior to Eid prayer if they have the means to do so. The money is distributed amongst the needy so that they too may enjoy Eid. The cost of this is £5 per person.