Act for the Children of Palestine

Palestinian children continue to stand defenceless in the face of Israel's debilitating occupation and siege.

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  • 13 children have been killed and more than 2000 injured during the recent 'Great March of Return' protests along the Gaza border
  • 612 children were killed during 'Operation Protective Edge' in 2014
  • More than 3,827 children were injured during 'Operation Protective Edge' in 2014, of whom up to 900 were left permanently disabled
  • Approximately half of all Palestinian children aged between 6-12 are suffering from emotional distress

Violence against Palestinian children

The Israeli military continues to use an indiscriminate and disproportionate level of force against Palestinian children; beyond its consistent failure to protect the security of children during settler attacks in the occupied West Bank, the Israeli military has also been responsible for directly targeting and killing children during times of conflict in the Gaza Strip.

At least 0 Palestinian children have been killed since the year 2000 as a result of occupation-related violence, settler attacks and military incursions.

You can help support children in Gaza affected by violence

After years of siege and regular military operations, children in Gaza are traumatised and in urgent need of psycho-social support. Interpal proudly supports the Palestine Trauma Centre who runs the Family and Community Therapy project for traumatised children and their families in ‪Gaza. Find out more about the project here.

Donate to the Palestine Trauma Centre now

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Spread the word and write to your MP

  • Nearly 50% of Gaza's medical equipment is outdated and the average wait for spare parts is approximately 6 months
  • In Gaza, many children suffer from respiratory, gastro-intestinal and skin diseases as a result of a contaminated water supply, poor sanitation, limited medical supplies and inadequate accesses to health services
  • Young parents are often denied permits to leave Gaza for their child's treatment, forcing children to be separated from their parents
  • In the West Bank, 93% of ambulance transfers carrying seriously ill patients- including children- experienced delays at checkpoints

Child patients under siege

More than 10 years of siege and 50 years of occupation in the Gaza Strip has left thousands of Palestinian children unable to access vital health services.

More than a third of all essential medicines and medical disposables are at 100 stock levels - that's less than one month's supply available for patients across all hospitals and healthcare clinics in the Gaza Strip. More than half of medications used for the treatment of cancers are also at critical levels, putting thousands of children's lives at risk.

The health sector is at breaking point, and the lives of child patients- with what are in many cases easily treatable conditions - are under threat.

Stand against the siege - send medical supplies to child patients

You can help to subsidise medical fees for Palestinian children, including those with rare and debilitating illnesses. You can also provide essential medical supplies including assistive devices to support children with disabilities or long term conditions.

Send medical supplies now

  • 228 schools were damaged during the 2014 assault on Gaza known as 'Operation Protective Edge'. 26 schools were totally destroyed or damaged beyond repair.
  • Following the 2014 assault on Gaza, nearly half a million children were unable to return to classes for several weeks due to the damage caused to schools

The Right to an Education

During the 2014 conflict in Gaza, known as "Operation Protective Edge", 0 schools were damaged and 0 schools were totally destroyed.

On top of the incomprehensible trauma this causes for children, it also limits their access to quality learning environments as they try to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of conflict. Compounded by overcrowding in schools - on average 38 students per classroom- learning outcomes and completion rates for students are worryingly low.

It is a sign of their ongoing resilience that despite everything, Palestinian children want nothing more than to go back to school. We also share that same desire and will be doing everything we can to provide them with the means to learn, play and regain a sense of stability.

Support the Right to Education

Take action now by providing Palestinian children with school kits, subsiding school fees, or supporting vocational courses to reduce child labour and exploitation. You can also support special needs education for children with learning difficulties and hearing or visual impairments.

Help children in Gaza go back to school now

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  • There are approximately 1.2 million internally displaced refugees registered in Gaza and 750,000 in the West Bank
  • House demolitions can cause families to enter into a state of shock, even six months afterwards, families can still suffer from chronic disruptions to their lives, with children's health and schooling suffering
  • 26% of families experience temporary separation of one or more family members from the family unit following a house demolition
  • Children who have had their homes demolished are more likely to suffer from psychological trauma, with symptoms such as depression, anxiety and withdrawal

No place to call Home

An estimated 0 Palestinian homes have been destroyed by Israel since 1967, severely impacting Palestinian children's sense of security, normality and psychological well-being.

The 2014 assault on Gaza resulted in the partial destruction and damage of around 120,000 homes. Over 18,000 homes were seriously damaged or destroyed.

The impact of a losing a home is both financial and psychological, having severely damaging effects on Palestinian children's sense of familial and community security.

Provide a safe home for children in Gaza

Interpal provides shelter support to thousands of Palestinians who have been forcibly displaced due to the destruction of or damage to their homes. We help families find new shelter, rebuild their homes and provide financial assistance for those who are unable to pay for rent due to a loss of income.

Provide shelter support to children now

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Palestinian children continue to stand defenseless in the face of Israel's debilitating occupation and siege.
Stand up for the children of Palestine by demanding that your MP and the UK's International Development minister take decisive action in support of their human rights.

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