Interpal - Winter 2019 - Cmapaign Logo - Warm their hearts this Winter

Every winter, scenes of despair take over Palestinian refugee camps as the freezing temperatures set in. Nearly 2 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are languishing under a brutal siege; cold and impoverished, they will be facing even more hardship as the humanitarian crisis deepens. In the occupied West Bank and refugee camps across Lebanon and Jordan, poverty and hardship define everyday life, and thousands of families will go without the basics to get them through the colder months.

Palestinians have the right to stay safe, warm and protected. That’s why this year, we want to provide warm clothes, food parcels, financial aid, fuel and heaters to over 5000 Palestinian families. Together, we can come together and warm their hearts this winter.

Interpal - Winter Campaign - Donate Fuel for Fires

£150 Protects a family

from the cold with fuel or shelter

Interpal - Winter Campaign - Donate Medical Aid
£100 Provides medical aid

for a person affected by violence, disability or chronic illness

Interpal - Winter Campaign - Food Pack
£50 Provides a family

with a nutritious food pack for one month

Interpal - Winter 2018 - Donate Blankets and Warm Clothes
£25 Provides warm clothes

or blankets to protect a vulnerable person from the cold

Palestinians are in urgent need this winter

Interpal - Winter Campaign - Icon - Rain

In Palestinian refugee camps across Lebanon, heavy rainfall can overwhelm drainage ditches, flooding homes with freezing water.

Interpal - Winter Campaign - Icon - Tent

Thousands of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are facing cold winter months in fragile, inadequate tents often with only plastic sheets to cover the ground.

Interpal - Winter Campaign - Icon - Thermometer

Homes in Gaza are not built to withstand cold winter temperatures and with a lack of adequate heating, thousands of Palestinians area at risk this winter.

Interpal - Winter Campaign - Icon - Clothes

Many children in the West Bank are unable to go to school as they don’t have adequate clothes to protect themselves from the cold.

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The climate has become hostile for all those who support Palestinians seeking their rights. Despite the obvious humanitarian crises facing Palestinians, certain groups are seeking to hinder the work of charities like ours. There are people who want to stop us delivering aid to those in need.

With your support, Interpal will continue to overcome the obstacles it faces, as it has done for 25 years. We may not currently be able to take card donations, but you can still donate in other convenient ways so we can continue to deliver impactful aid.

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