Mieh Mieh Refugee Camp, Lebanon

More than 5,250 registered refugees
2 schools
1 part-time health centre
Majority aged between 13-25
  • Located 4km east of Sidon, established in 1984.
  • Refugees generally came from Saffourieh, Tiereh, Haifa and Miron in Palestine.
  • Suffered considerable damage during years of civil conflict, particularly in July 1991 when 15% of its shelters were  destroyed, along with UNRWA’s school and distribution centre.
  • Most men work as casual construction labourers and in  orchards. Women work in orchards, in embroidery shops and as cleaners.
  • Socio-economic situation of refugees is extremely difficult.
  • Water and sewerage systems were recently rehabilitated, and all shelters are now supplied with water through a network connected to UNRWA’s water plant.
  • Due to frequent water shortages, another well/plant is needed.
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