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Supporting the Palestinian health sector

The right to health is an inalienable human right and one that cannot be achieved without access to adequate healthcare. Sadly, many Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon struggle to achieve this right.

Most Palestinians do not have safe and affordable access to medical treatment. Medical supplies are at critical levels in the occupied Palestinian territories and many hospitals and clinics are forced to re-use items and delay treatment. In the refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan, overcrowding and a shortage of services mean that medical supplies are limited.

We are continuing to advocate for and support Palestinians’ right to access healthcare. Get in touch today find out how you can help.

Did you know:

  • Many Palestinian refugees cannot afford the expense of hospital care and must seek financial help from families or local charities to cover medical expenses.
  • Overcrowding and lack of resources in Palestinian refugee camps prevent individuals with health conditions from accessing basic services including healthcare.
  • Medical services are not provided in every refugee camp across Lebanon. Refugees can be forced to visit other camps for treatment and tests.
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