Palestine Is…

In the sections below, we take a look at the rich Islamic history of Palestine.

Palestine is…where Prophet Moses (pbuh) is said to be buried

Maqam El-Nabi is located south of Jericho. According to tradition, Sultan Salahhudin Ayyubi dreamt that Prophet Musa (pbuh) was buried here, and had a mosque built on this site to honour this.

Palestine is…where the Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) is said to have pitched his tent

To the west of Hebron lies an oak tree, called the Oak of Ibrahim and is the legendary site where Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) pitched his tent. The oak is thought to be about 5,000 years old.

Palestine is…the final resting place of the Prophets Ibrahim, Ishaq and Yaqub (pbut)

The Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in the Hebron Hills and its subterranean surroundings contain the tombs of prophets Ibrahim, Ishaq, Yaqub (pbut) and is considered one of the most religious sites in Islam. 20 years ago, the mosque was attacked by Baruch Golstein, which resulted in the Israeli military dividing access…

Palestine is…rich in history for all Abrahamic faiths

The Dome of the Chain is a free-standing dome east of the Dome of the Rock in the Old City of Jerusalem. Used as a prayer house, it was built by the Ummayads. It was turned into a chapel by the Crusaders but then restored by the Ayyubids as a…

Palestine is…where the Prophet (pbuh) ascended to heaven during his Night Journey

In Jerusalem’s Old City lies the Dome of the Rock, where the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) ascended to heaven during the Israa and Miraj (the Night Journey). The Dome was built in the 7th century by the 5thUmmayad Caliph around the rock from which the Prophet (pbuh) ascended to heaven.