About Interpal

Interpal was established in 1994 to empower Palestinians facing poverty and hardship across the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

Interpal’s projects have had a long-standing, positive impact for individuals and the wider community in our principle focus areas.

Our vision is simple:

A world in which Palestinians are able to achieve their basic human rights and live dignified lives, unencumbered by poverty.

We empower Palestinians to face their challenges and hardships in our principal areas of operation: the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

Our Values


To always act for the betterment of all Palestinians in need, and to do it with compassion and commitment.

Transparent and Accountable

To be open and honest with all stakeholders.


To remain aware and informed about the needs on the ground and provide our expertise to further help those in need.


To be principled in how we manage our work.


To protect the dignity of Palestinians in our focus areas and to empower Palestinians in need regardless of religion, political affiliations or gender.

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