Becoming a Volunteer

Find out about what’s involved

Read our Volunteers’ Handbook to find out what you can do to help the Palestinian cause, and how you might benefit from
volunteering with Interpal.

Complete and return the Volunteer Form

Answer some routine questions, telling us who you are and how you want to help. The form can be requested by emailing If your desired areas / departments of volunteering aren’t available, we will request that you work in areas that are available.

Phone Interview

This will just be a quick call to gain a better understanding of you and your decision to volunteer with Interpal. We want you to feel comfortable and make sure that you are working in the right department suited to your skills. These will be routine questions and provide you with a brief insight into volunteering with Interpal, no pressure!


To ensure you are comfortable when you volunteer with Interpal, we will invite you for a 30-45 minute induction. We will talk you through the work you will be doing, our expectation from you, show you around the office and introduce you to all staff.

The Admin Work

On the Induction day, or on your first day of volunteering with us, we will require you to bring a photo ID that we can copy for our records (either a passport, or a full/provisional driving licence). We will also require you to complete an emergency contact information sheet, and to read and agree to our Code of Conduct. For volunteers who might be dealing with money, we will require someone to write you a short reference – just a few lines to ensure that you are trustworthy!

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