Things you can do to help Gaza this Ramadan

Interpal - Gaza boy sits in rubble

Ramadan is a time of reflection, unity, and action.

This Ramadan, we must stand together and reaffirm a vow that humanity made long ago: “Never Again.”

This vow was a promise to prevent atrocities, uphold justice, and protect the innocent. Yet, despite our collective commitment and the establishment of international laws and organizations like the Geneva Convention and the United Nations, the world finds itself witnessing the recurrence of such atrocities, particularly in Gaza.

The ongoing situation in Gaza is a stark reminder that “Never Again” is happening again. The international community watches, paralyzed, as the US empowers the occupier in its collective punishment of Palestinians, with the UK complicit by abstaining at UN Security Council votes and continuing to supply arms used to attack Gaza.

As we break our fasts with our families, in the comfort and safety of our homes, we must not forget those in Gaza who have no food, no home, no family.

Transform your prayers into action this Ramadan. Here are some action you can take this Ramadan:

  1. Email Your MP: You can send a message demanding action and accountability. Interpal has made it simple with an email template, making it easy for you to voice your concerns.
  2. Social Media Solidarity: Share your support on social media. Make your stance visible by tweeting, sharing, and tagging your MP to amplify our collective voice.
  3. Mobilize at Home: Encourage family and friends at your iftar gatherings to join the cause. Together, send a wave of emails and tweets that cannot be ignored.
  4. Demand a Meeting: Don’t settle for generic responses. Book a meeting with your MP and demand they address your concerns in parliament.
  5. Spread the Word: Share Interpal’s campaign. Every share, every conversation adds to the pressure on those in power to act.

This campaign is more than a call to action; it’s a call to uphold our shared humanity. Let this Ramadan be the turning point where we stand together, united in our demand for an end to the atrocities.

Join us in saying Never Again and take action to help those in Gaza. Your voice matters, and together, we can light up the darkness. This Ramadan, let’s ensure our prayers and actions go hand in hand in making a significant difference for those who need it most.

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