Khan Younis Refugee Camp, Gaza

Khan Younis camp is home to 72,000 registered refugees
There are 25 school buildings, 22 of which run double-shifts in order to accommodate a total of 38 schools
There are 3 health centres in the camp
  • Khan Younis camp lies west of the town of Khan Younis, historically a major commercial hub and ancient trade route to Egypt.
  •  The Israeli blockade on Gaza has increased unemployment for the residents of this camp, meaning many families are dependent on aid for survival. In the Gaza Strip, a staggering 80% rely on international aid for food.
  • Basic hygiene is a major concern for the people of the camp, with the dire water situation being a central factor.
  • The overcrowding and shortage of housing in the region is exacerbated by the Israeli blockade of essential building materials. Residents are unable to rebuild houses and buildings that were damaged in the 2014 assault on Gaza, leaving many families homeless and forced to live under one roof.


Statistics taken from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

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