Interpal Ramadan Resolution Challenge

We know that Ramadan is the perfect time to make a change to our unhealthy lifestyle habits. And it’s for this reason we are challenging you to give up that one unhealthy food that you simply can’t resist.

Whether it’s fried food, sugar, chocolate or desserts this is your chance to kick your habit.

Your aim is to raise a minimum £50 over Ramadan, asking all your friends and family to sponsor your challenge.

All you need to do is register to fundraise and let everyone know what you’re going to be giving up.

And if you do slip up and really need that one delicious samosa or comforting bar of chocolate, that’s OK! Just pay a penalty of £2 and enjoy guilt free (the money is going to charity after all!).

All proceeds go towards Interpal’s Refugee Relief Programmes that provide a lifeline or support to Palestinian families struggling to meet their daily needs.

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