"Why I support Palestine" by Sarah, 14 years old


My name is Sarah and I’m 14 years old.

I can’t recall a specific date as to when I first heard about Palestine. Growing up, my father was, and still is, a rather political person and so, it was almost as if I grew up with Palestine. And the media of course, is constantly filled with the latest headline on Gaza, whether it be genuine or fabricated. It made me feel extremely sad to see innocent people being tortured and killed inhumanely everyday whilst we are living in utter peace and harmony. But it’s true – when you need to have hundreds of protests to tell the world that bombing children is not ok, that is when you know that humanity has failed!

It’s great to know that the majority of my peers know about the issue and support Palestine, some even attend protests and conferences, but what really makes me happy, is knowing that it isn’t just Muslims, or Palestinians who are supportive of the matter, it’s everyone working together to make a change.

For most Palestinians, living in a war zone is considered a norm but in reality, it is far from that, and it is our duty to change it. It is our duty to fight for their freedom, dignity and social justice, because we believe in a better tomorrow. I honestly believe that if everybody came together and really wanted to see a change, it would happen.

But it isn’t enough for people to just ‘wish’ for a better future for our Palestinians. We need to take action for that to happen. If the world doesn’t rise in unison and put and end to this, Palestinians will continue to suffer.

I decided to volunteer at Interpal because not only was it a great experience, it also made me feel I was participating first hand, to make a change in Palestine.

I urge anyone who supports Palestine  to continue donating and helping Interpal with this great cause. In the future, I hope to see an end to the Palestinian- Israeli crisis and let the Palestinians experience the ‘normal’ life that we all live in. Racial injustice is the most destructive chord known to mankind and it is one of the world’s MAJOR issues TODAY. The world stands with the Palestinians and justice will be achieved.

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